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We work in cities throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and Robbinsdale is no exception. Robbinsdale is a fully built out  city in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, located just northwest of Minneapolis. Robbinsdale is a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis with a population of around 14,000. Because there is very little vacant land in the city, it is unlikely the population will increase by much in upcoming years.

Robbinsdale has a traditional downtown area that has undergone a bit of a resurgence in recent years. The walkable center has a handful of excellent restaurants as well as other services. There are plans to extend the Blue Line all the way to Brooklyn Park, and that includes a stop in Robbinsdale. Of course, as with any major public works project, there are many hurdles yet to overcome, but many people remain hopeful that the light rail extension will eventually come through the city.

Inspections Plus is proud to provide home inspection services to Robbinsdale and the surrounding communities. The city is a popular place to live in the Twin Cities, and we've worked in many homes in Robbinsdale. In addition to home inspections, we offer radon testing, mold inspections, and much more. Call Inspections Plus today to learn how our home inspection services can help you.



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